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[On Trial][PvE] Chrow - Hunter (BM) - Chrow - 11-16-2014 10:19 PM

Personal Information
Name: Steve Whitaker
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Location: England

Character Information
Name: Chrow
Current realm: Emarald Dream
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Hunter
Level: 100
Total played time: This Character 10 Days -- My account Easily 150 days
Played time at current level: 6 hours (Level 100)
Armory link:
Why you've chosen your current main spec: I really enjoy the pet aspect of being a hunter. Especially the finding and taming of rare pets, and the utilities the pets can bring if a certain class is missing in a raid - such as hysteria on a core hound instead of BloodLust
Approximately how long you've been using your current main spec: Since Cata - was marksmanship WotlK and before

General Information
Which guild role are you applying for - PvE Member
Why are you applying to Inpakt? I am looking for a mature raiding guild with prior success. I have a working life and need to fit my raiding into that schedule. After a brief chat with one of the members it seems that the raid times of the guild are just what Im looking for.
What do you think can you bring to the guild? Maturity, Determination and dedication. I wish to be able to see and complete the end game content blizzard provides and feel i can be a vital part of a team filling the roles asked of me on each encounter.
What do you expect Inpakt to do for you? To provide a fun group of like minded players in which we can progress through the end game content of Wow.
What is your biggest strength as a player? I feel like i ca grasp any tactic and relay it to people in a simplistic manner, as well as being able to take orders in a mature manner.
What is your biggest weakness as a player? Perfectionist - if a boss just goes down with 1 person left alive i dont feel that that counts as a kill and will want to do it again perfectly.
Do you know any of Inpakt's current members? No
Are there any of Inpakt's current members who can support your application? No
Are you willing to re-spec if the guild requires you to? Yes - I do like beast mastery but if it turns out Survival or Marksmanship is overall better - or better for an encounter, then i will happily respec.
Are you okay being placed on standby once in a while when we're over-signed for raids? Yes
Please provide links to any ingame screenshots that you think effectively illustrate your skill as a player: na

Guild History
Please provide details of previous guilds you've played for during your time playing World of Warcraft. Try to include any notable achievements you obtained during your time playing for them, why you joined them, and why you eventually left them. Please also include the realm they were on if it wasn't Terenas, and the Class and Spec you used during your tenure. Use this section to provide details of your raid progress if you're applying for a PvE position. Keep in mind that we can check your achievements via your Armory link, so be honest: I have raided with a number of guilds over the past, I cannot remember their names but I mained a resto shaman and Mistweaver monk over them times. In cata I raided firelands and Dragon soul with my shaman (Chronoss) managing to defeat deathwing and moving on to heroic bosses. In SoO i raided as both my shaman and monk completing Throne of Thunder and moving on to the beginning o siege of orgrimmar on normal mode (now heroic) before i had to dip out of WoW for a time due to work etc.

Playing Times (In Server Time)

Please list all times you are available to raid on each of the following days (e.g. Monday: 1800-2300):
Monday: 2000 - 0100
Tuesday: 2000 - 0100
Wednesday: 2000 - 0100
Thursday: 2000 - 0100
Friday: 2000 - 0100
Saturday: na
Sunday: 2000 - 0100

Technical Information
Does your game run smoothly in crowded areas such as Orgrimmar and graphically demanding areas such as most 25-man instances? Yes
Do you use a Blizzard Authenticator to avoid being hacked? Yes
Do you own a decent microphone allowing you to communicate effictively on Team Speak 3 when required during raids? Yes
Is your connection reliable during raids and battlegrounds? Yes
(Optional) If known, what speed is your internet connection? 10 MegaBits Avg
(Optional) If known, could you please provide details of your computer's CPU speed, RAM, and Graphics Processing Unit? Intel Core i7 4770K, 8Gb DDR3 1600 Ram, Nvidia 780ti

Policy & Rules Acceptance
Have you read through our guild's Policies & Rules and do you agree to them? yes
Are you available to attend our designated event times? yes
Do you have all of the addons we require you to use? (EPGP; Deadly Boss Mods; Omen Threat Meter) yes

Extra Information (Optional)
Anything else you'd like to state before we begin considering your application: Raiding is the part of WoW that i most enjoy. i enjoy the challenge and the team aspect of trying to take on a boss, understand their tactics and ultimately down them, it feels like a huge collaborative puzzle. I hope i have provided enough information in my application, and I look forward to hearing your reply.

Thank you !

RE: Chrow - Hunter (BM) - Bethany - 11-17-2014 04:32 AM

Hi Steve, welcome to the forums.

Overall a good application, dedication and drive towards downing progress bosses is always great and something any of our raiders should have.

There's one thing I feel I should ask, your guild and raiding history was very brief, I wanted to know how much experience you have raiding mythic (old heroic) so that I know you'd be fine with alot more pressure. It is however a new expansion and the game has changed so much alot of us are having to re-learn our classes and alter our play styles. Let's see what the other officers say and we'll get back to you.

Good luck!

RE: Chrow - Hunter (BM) - Chrow - 11-17-2014 07:01 PM

Thank you Smile

My main heroic/mythic experience does come from the beginning bosses in dragon soul. I think the first 4 bosses before I had a break at that time. And i did do a few in ToT, i think up to council if i can remember correctly, after weeks of progress raids on normal with the guild long into the night Tongue.

Hope this helps,


RE: Chrow - Hunter (BM) - Bethany - 11-19-2014 09:11 PM

Hey Steve!

We decided to give you a trial, we'll message you next time you're online and get you a guild invite Smile