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Full Version: Hopus lvl 100 Feral/guardian
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Personal Information
Name: Yorgos

Character Information
Current realm:Terenas
Total played time:11d 1h
Played time at current level:8d 23h
Armory link hopus
Why you've chosen your current main spec: Because i like how they burst so hard.
Approximately how long you've been using your current main spec: From the begin i played with druid

General Information
Which guild role are you applying for - PvE Member or Social Member? Pve
Why are you applying to Inpakt? Because they where looking for active raiding members
What do you think can you bring to the guild? Nothing much just someone that know his class and like to fck sh*t up (Bosses)
What do you expect Inpakt to do for you? Just to have fun while raiding thats more then enove for me
What is your biggest strength as a player? never give up, try to accomplish the best iv'e got in me
What is your biggest weakness as a player? people that annoy me, think everybody have that
Do you know any of Inpakt's current members? no
Are there any of Inpakt's current members who can support your application? no
Are you willing to re-spec if the guild requires you to? no cause i like to play with feral
Are you okay being placed on standby once in a while when we're over-signed for raids? Yes
Please provide logs of your performance from
Please provide links to any ingame screenshots that shows your UI in a raid situation:

Guild History
Please provide details of previous guilds you've played for during your time playing World of Warcraft. Try to include any notable achievements you obtained during your time playing for them, why you joined them, and why you eventually left them. Please also include the realm they were on if it wasn't Terenas, and the Class and Spec you used during your tenure. Use this section to provide details of your raid progress if you're applying for a PvE position. Keep in mind that we can check your achievements via your Armory link, so be honest:my previous guid was great my language its just less people online, no raid, enz i'm trying to get higher with raids this expansion and the best to do it is with a guild. thats why i apply for it

Playing Times (In Server Time)

Please list all times you are available to raid on each of the following days (e.g. Monday: 1800-2300):
Monday:All day
Tuesday:All day
Wednesday:All day
Thursday:All day
Friday:All day
Saturday:All day
Sunday:All day

Technical Information
Does your game run smoothly in crowded areas such as Orgrimmar and graphically demanding areas such as most 25-man instances?just in the begin frame drop (not my own pc hope iv'e got new one in this and a month)
Do you use a Blizzard Authenticator to avoid being hacked? Yes
Do you own a decent microphone allowing you to communicate effictively on Team Speak 3 when required during raids? Yes
Is your connection reliable during raids and battlegrounds? Yes
(Optional) If known, what speed is your internet connection? 90 mbps download, 5mbps upload
(Optional) If known, could you please provide details of your computer's CPU speed, RAM, and Graphics Processing Unit?

Policy & Rules Acceptance
Have you read through our guild's Policies & Rules and do you agree to them? Yes
Are you available to attend our designated event times? Yes
Do you have all of the addons we require you to use? (EPGP; Deadly Boss Mods; Omen Threat Meter) Yes

Extra Information (Optional)
Personal information about yourself and/or your World of Warcraft character that we might be interested to know:
Anything else you'd like to state before we begin considering your application:
Welcome to the guild btw Wink
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